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All About Sun Cabs

Sun Cabs has been operating since 1991 and is a family-run business. Sun Cabs is the largest taxi operator outside of Dublin with 120 drivers and 100 vehicles in service. The company counts some of the Province’s largest Public Bodies and Commercial Multi-National Corporations amongst its clients.

Management at Sun Cabs have combined experience in the taxi business exceeding 50 years. Many of the company’s base staff and drivers have been with the company for 15 years making them the most experienced and professional operators in the industry.

Sun Cabs handles approximately 1,000 calls per day from its Mayfield, Cork City, taxi base / call centre using the most advanced taxi computerised systems and equipment. Our taxi base / call centre operates 24 hours per day 365 days per year. We’re always available! The company is committed to providing a safe, efficient, punctual and low-cost service to its clients through Quality Management Systems, staff training and re-training and a safe and pleasant work environment.


All About Sun Cabs - Cork's Largest Taxi Fleet!

Incidents, Accidents & Complaints

Under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in place and the Dispatch Operator Licence regulations, Sun Cabs operates a system for reporting, logging and following up on any accidents, incidents and complaints. This ensures our drivers and base staff follow common procedures when one of these events occurs.

Quality Management System

Sun Cabs is the only taxi company outside Dublin (& was the very first in Ireland) to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System accreditation. In August 2011, Sun Cabs re-secured accreditation for another 3 years following a successful independent external re-certification audit.

Having ISO 9001:2008 ensures that the company implements and enforces strong policies and procedures to deliver the professional service expected by our clients and customer organisations.

Sun Cabs holds a Dispatch Operator Licence issued by the Commission for Taxi Regulation.


All Sun Cabs’ vehicles have the required taxi or minibus insurance.


Sun Cabs currently have 120 full-time and part-time drivers who provide the 24 / 365 service to our clients and customer organisations. Many of these drivers have been with Sun Cabs for 10 to 15 years, making them very experienced professional drivers. All our taxi drivers hold SPSV (taxi) licences whilst all our minibus drivers hold LPSV (D1 category) licences.

All drivers with SPSV & LPSV driving licences have Garda clearance as part of the licensing process.


Sun Cabs currently operate 100 vehicles. These include 17 vehicles capable of carrying between 5 and 16 passengers and 15 wheelchair accessible vehicles capable of carrying between 1 and 4 wheelchairs.

Regular inspections of vehicles are undertaken by a member of Sun Cabs’ management to ensure the high standards required of drivers and vehicles are maintained. Checks include visual inspections of the interior and exterior of the vehicles along with a documentation check to ensure all paperwork is up-to-date.

Under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in place and the Dispatch Operator Licence Regulations, Sun Cabs hold copies of all driver and vehicle documentation such as drivers’ ordinary driving licences, SPSV driver licences, SPSV vehicle licences, vehicle registration certificates, driver tax clearance certificates, vehicle NCT Certs, certificates of insurance, motor tax discs, etc.

Booking and Dispatch System

Sun Cabs operate a fully computerised state-of-the-art Taxi Data Management Booking and Dispatch system on a 24 / 365 basis from its base in Mayfield, Cork City. The system caters for advance bookings, multiple bookings, repeat bookings, specific vehicle requirements (estate car, minibus or wheelchair), etc.

In addition to the traditional telephone bookings, Sun Cabs caters for ebookings (internet bookings), email bookings, fax bookings, and text bookings for customers with hearing & speech difficulties.

Sun Cabs is always open for business and telephones are always answered by a member of Sun Cabs staff in our base / call centre in Mayfield.


Sun Cabs’ base / call centre is served by 114 telephone landlines ensuring constantly clear telephone communication lines with the base / call centre. In addition, there are 6 off-system emergency back-up telephone landlines. These back-up lines automatically kick into use in the unlikely event of a telephone line or internal system failure.

All telephone calls to Sun Cabs are logged and tracked via a state-of-the-art Nortel Call Centre System allowing us to prioritise incoming telephone calls according to customers’ requirements.

Sun Cabs’ vehicles are fitted with GPS (satellite) / GPRS (sim card) dataheads (taxi data management computers). This is the first and main mode of communication the base / call centre has with the drivers. Working vehicles can be tracked and mapped at all times allowing us to monitor delivery and completion of our services.

The vehicles are also fitted with two-way voice radios as back-up to the GPS / GPRS dataheads.

A mobile telephone is mandatory for all drivers at all times when at work in Sun Cabs. The base / call centre staff have the telephone number for each driver within their Computerised Taxi Data Management Booking & Dispatch System and in hard copy format also in the unlikely event of a computer failure occurring.

Invoicing and Reporting Systems

Sun Cabs’ Autocab computerised taxi data management system enables credit / contract jobs to be forwarded electronically to the integrated invoicing / accounts package. These invoices can be issued in hard copy format but we encourage customers to accept them electronically via email in Microsoft Excel format. Sun Cabs can provide invoices by sub-account or cost centre if requested.

All invoices include Sun Cabs’ unique docket numbers, the customer’s unique control / reference numbers (e.g. Purchase Order No.), date of job, time of job, pick-up address, “VIAs” (intermediate destinations / addresses), drop-off address, job booked by, passenger’s name, etc.

Administration Support:

Sun Cabs’ base / call centre is managed by the Office / Human Resources Manager who has a strong business and finance and administrative background. She is assisted by 2 Senior Base Operators with 25 years combined experience in this business.

The office is highly automated and uses the most modern techniques and practices in the business.

Technical Support:

24/7 on-call agreements are in place with key support service providers to ensure a smooth and continuous running base / call centre. These include telephone system (Communication Services Cork and Eircom), computers (Cork Computers), Autocab Taxi Data Management Booking and Dispatch System (GPC Computing), back-up aerial systems (Hibernian Cellular Network), etc.


In 2010 Sun Cabs commissioned HSS (Health & Safety Services) to devise a training programme specifically targeted at the Irish SPSV / taxi industry. This programme, details of which are attached at, received accreditation from the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), the world’s largest professional health & safety organisation. Sun Cabs is the only company in Ireland to have undertaken this industry-specific training course.

All staff, drivers and management undertake this IOSH-accredited full-day training course in PSV / taxi health and safety at work which includes, manual handling, first aid specific to taxi drivers, handling of hazardous substances, customer care, driver safety & security, disability awareness, good driving practices, incident reporting and emergency procedures.